Mackenzie Mobley, 500 Juniors Club handling Sugar (HOF CH Western Hills My Candy Girl Los Suenos asca RN, a Bandit daughter - Photo courtesy of Heidi Mobley (2MC Design - 4/2010)



asca CH Los Suenos Stallone (Stallone)

asca CH Los Suenos Taylormade  (Taylor), one leg started sheep

asca CH Los Suenos/Legends N'Lace (Red), BOB special

Legends Without Remorse asca/akc CD STDsc, one leg ducks (MPS pre-show Georgia Nationals), BOB A-CH retired

asca CH Legends Quartermaster asca CD (two legs akc CD) STDs (RWD Georgia Nationals/MVA top 20 finalist Colorado Nationals) (deceased).

Legends One Dog Posse ATDds OTDc (deceased)

Legends Mov'N Mozell asca CD STDdc OTDs, major pointed ASCA (MVA top 20 Georgia Nationals)

asca ATCH nadac NATCH Legends Midnight Bandita CGC nadac EAC EJC EGC usdaa AAD (MACH legs in Snookers & Jumpers) akc AX AXJ  (ASCA 17th PLACE ASCA AGILITY FINALS 2004) JS-E-SP

Legend Darn Toot'N Los Suenos asca/akc UD (195 averages both registries!) TD STDs (honor dog akc/ OPEN Finals Champion 2001 ASCA Nationals/consistent merit awards ASCA/consistent finals qualifier, although she only attended the 2001 ASCA Nationals)
#1 utility dog '03-'04 ASCA year; #6 super dog '03-'04 ASCA year obedience

ARCH (1st Aussie to earn this title:) Legends Bearfoot Contessa HCT CGC R1CL R2CL RL3 RE NA OAJ OAC NGC NJC TN-N TG-N RV-O GV-O JV-E CL1R/H

Legends Neon Lites Los Suenos asca/akc CD, junior handled, BOB A-CH, junior handled, spayed-retired (now 3 legged due to an accident)

Legends Nor'easter Hollywood RS-E, JS-E, GS-E, EAC, EJC, EGC, NA, TN-O
FMCH (over 15,000 pts:)

Legends Mighty Night Sarah CGC NAJ NA NAC NJC (two standard AKC open legs), junior handled, now retired

Legends Stalker of Dun Bar STDs, red merle bitch - ranch dog

Legends Southern Bandit STDs, black tri male

UKC CH Magnus' Dirty Rotten Scoundrel PT HCT JS-O RS-N NJC STDsc RE akc/asca CD CGC DNA-VP - this is Bandit's pup produced by frozen sperm - also doing some lure coursing, ongoing training in agility, stock work & obedience - intact

asca CH Caralot's Smith & Wesson  DNA-VP

asca HOF CH Heartfire's Thief in the Nite STDc ATDsd CD ("Bandito aka DEETER "),
Bandito aka Deeter was MPS one day of the Lobo ASA
#11 Started Cattle ASCA Merits 2004-2005; High Conformation dog w/a Stockdog Title Montana 2006 Cow Country Classic (Deeter's titled offspring) -

CH Heartfire's Pick Pocket ("Sneak"), Bandito's sister
  Sneak won the open black class pre-shows ASCA Nationals 2004

Can CH Legends Be Forewarned DNA-CP CD STDc OTDsd,  (Warner), RWDs to majors in ASCA, (one Group 4 and one Group 3 plus a BOS over specials to finish his Canadian CH!), MVA Montana Cow Country Classic 2005; High Open 2 day of the 2006 Montana Cow Country Classic

ATCH MACH2 Legends Penny's From Heaven CGC MX MXJ XF EAC EJC OGC TN-O TG- E WV-O RS-E JS-E GS-E AAD AS SR RN (#6 ASCA Veterans Agility Finals 2009!)

Nitani's Take a Chance CDX OA OAJ MXJ  MX JWW CGC

C-ATCH Nitani's Chillin Out West ("Chili" AX, AXJ, AD, PD3, PJ3, PK3, CL4, JS-O, RN-O, GS-O, OJC, OAC
qualified for the USDAA Agility Finals in '05, '06 and '08

High In Standard Division 16” Level 2!!! CPE agility finals!

Nitani's Azure de la Luna asca STDsc ahba JHD HCT

Nitani's Asir El Dia to Gruv AX OAJ JWW, 3 pt major ASCA, limited showing

Heartfire's Catch Me If U Can (Con), Four ASCA majors, 13 pts:)

Legends StarN Rhythm N Blu NA, NAJ, NAC, NGC, NJC, RS-O, GS-O, JS-O, JS-O-OP JS-O-SP GS-E SS (injured/retired). 

ADCH ChSN TM-Silver, GCH and Tournament Gold (TM-Gold) Legends StarN Law-N-Order (akc) MAD AAD AX AXJ EF SAM, GM, JM, RM, TM, TM bronze, usdaa SG SR AD, USDAA finals repeat qualifier

HOF Legends StarN Rite Up My Ally OTDd ATDcs CD RM DNA-VP - (asca HC award stock/HIT obedience, alternate to obedience finals, assisted living therapy partner), WTCH producer

Legends StarN Pandamonium TD JS-N RS-N

Legends StarN Pearl TDI

HOF Los Suenos/Legends of Belle (WTCH offspring)


Bandit's pups (frozen sperm) by Cookie at Western Hills:

ADCH ATCH IV ASCA/UKC  CH Western Hills Most Wanted Los Suenos,"Bandit" STDd OTDs MX MXJ MXF DNA-VP
Premier Special ASCA Nationals 2010 Pre-show
ASCA Agility Merit List 2009-2010 Jumpers Novice #1, Regular Novice #2, Gamblers Novice #4
ASCA Agility Merit List 2010-2011 Gamblers Open #5,  Jumpers Open #3,  Regular Open #3
Co-Owned with Pam and Danny Riney

MACH 3 Western Hills Los Suenos Game On MXC MJC OF T2B
2010 & 2011 Qualified for AKC Nationals
Owned by Kathy Farrill

Westernhills Rio De Los Suenos AKC titles: UD, HSAs, NA, NAJ, RA ASCA: STDs AHBA: HTD, HRD, HTAD FDCH-G, TFE-1
Owned by Rosalind Hall

Western Hills All4Me LosSuenos JS-O RS-O GS-N JS-N-OP NA NJC NAJ NAC TN-N CGC 
Owned by Renee Lacey


Western Hills Lucy RS-O (also a therapy dog)

owned by Sharon Farkas


HOF CH Western Hills My Candy Girl Los Suenos asca RN

owned by the Mobley Family in TX



OUR BANDIT'S BLOOD IS COMING DOWN OUR LEGENDS AND STARN LINES IN ALLY (daughter), GRACIE (granddaughter), (CANDY, granddaughter) AND GARTH (great grandson) and now we have added Moxie (our 2014 addition, a Bandit great great granddaughter - she's by our Garth)



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