Hall of Fame CH Heartfire's Thief in the Nite CD STDc ATDds DNA-VP

Deeter pictured with daughter Ember

Gorgeous snow silloute

Deeter penning ducks w/Anne.

Deeter wins big at the Cow Country Classic in Montana. High Point Conformation dog!

He's a self stacker with clean, efficient movement. Lovely, moderate, agile, beautifully moving red bi Aussie that is well muscled and efficiently built.

The older, more mature version

Cleanest coming and going Aussie we've ever seen!

On the move as a two year old - out of coat - lean mean working machine when he was campaigning in stock work.

Penning some more ducks w/Anne.

MORE PICTURES OF DEETER: http://oldwestaussies.com/hf/bandito.htm

Deeter is a littermate to CH Heartfire's Pick Pocket (Sneak)


Istari’s Meet Me in the Dark JS-N CGC DNA-VP (5 pt major ASCA)

(2 HOF pts) Istari’s ZigZaggin Bi Nite OTDs STDdc JJ-E RJ-E GJ-E NAJ NA SG SSA AD CGC DNA-VP

Istari’s Blues in the Nite RE NAJ NA RS-O JS-O CGC DNA-VP ( major pointed ASCA) (4 pts)

WTCH Istari's Beale Street Blues RTDsc RS-E JS-E GS-E AXJ OA HRDIIs AX DNA-VP,  (2010 cattle finalist, alternate sheep and ducks)


(1 HOF pt) Legends StarN OnceUponADream ASCA RS-E, JS-E-OP, GS-O. USDAA PG-1, PJ-1, PR-1, PS-1, PK-1, and PD-1 AKC NA, NJ

Legends StarN Hakuna Matata CGC JS-N NA NAJ NF RN JS-E RS-N GS-N (pointed breed ring, RWD dog awards, one leg PT AKC)

Legend StarN Dream Talker akc RAE2 akc UD (merits USASA) CGC asca CD RNX

(1 HOF pt) CH Legends StarN Divine Intervention (pointed in AKC, training on stock)

(1 HOF pt) CH Legends StarN Heartfire Dharma (Nationals Class placement)

(1 HOF pt) CH Legends StarN Heartfire Danke (Nationals Class placement)

Legends StarN Strait as an Arrow asca/akc CD RS-O JS-O GS-E (top 10 obedience)

Legends StarN Chuck akc CDX (no scores below 196 in obedience), asca 2 CD legs

Legends StarN Scenic Outlook RNX RAX (1 leg STDd)

Legends Just for a Lark RS-O JS-O GS-O

(1 HOF pt) Legends StarN Kestral asca TD

Legends StarN Cordovan Cowboy TDI JS-N (1 leg RS-N)


(3 HOF pts) LandSlides Fit 2B Tyed OTDcs ATDd

(1 HOF pt) C-ATCH LandSlides NicksFix 4 Shawtown DNA-VP,


OAJ, XF, SSA, SG, AD (ASCA mjr ptd) “Stevie”

UKC CH LandSlides Bettin On Blackjack JS-N, GS-N, NA, NAJ, NF, CGC “Jack”