LOVE them like there is no tomorrow!

GREET them as happily as they greet us:)

HOUSE them with the best we can afford, respecting their individual preferences.

BUY dog toys galore of all types and kinds and keep toy boxes inside and outside at all times.

INTERACT with the dogs on a daily basis, individually and in play groups.

GROOM them often so they can look better than us:)

TRAIN THEM with motivational direction, applicable and fair correction with zero abuse, allowing them to mentally & physically mature on their timetable and not ours, allowing them to be individuals with varying talents, desires & capabilities just like us.

SOCIALIZE them by letting them hang with their favorite buds.

SUPERVISE them with visitors and guests.

PROTECT them from harm by making their environment safe.

SCREEN trainers or instructors.

PUT NO EXPECTATIONS on the dogs until they are ready mentally by working with their individual mental and structural capabilities, being sure they are humanbonded rather than dogbonded, not comparing them to others but treating them as individuals.

TRAVEL with them and make them an integral part of our life, exposing them to places, people, and things in an appropriate setting & manner.

FORGIVE them cuz they constantly forgive us and they hold no grudges or ill-will.

RESPECT them and their preferences, strengths and weaknesses.

GIVE THEM SPACE when they too need a break from life's pressures and expectations and us:).

REHOME them if we are a mismatch in personality, training capability, environment and/or goals despite the fact we'd rather hold on.

NEVER abuse or neglect, disrespect, ignore, or shortchange them due to "our" shortcomings or inabilities.

NEVER put one down simply because we won't commit to train it, to properly place it, or to care for it until the right home comes along, or to offer it the wellcare it needs to survive.

EDUCATE ourselves in an on-going manner so we can better meet this breed's needs.

BUDGET for wellcare and see to it they get the best veterinary care we can afford.

PROTECT them from fleas & ticks & heartworm cuz if these critters don't reside here, they sure do at the places we visit or frequent, and oftentimes on our visiting four-footers.

BREED only those candidates who meet health clearances and the breed standard, breeding for sound temperament, structure and capability, marketing to screened buyers, and taking back as need be.

PROTECTING pups we put on the ground by selling on contracts requiring buyers to provide safe, loving homes with compatible environments and if their home is not that home, to return the pup or to offer it with our blessing to a more compatible home.

HANDS-ON is our philosophy in whelping & raising puppies as well as in our relationships with our buyers too.

Every Life is a Gift from God.
Handle with care.

Ch Legends StarN Little Mermaid