Steve & Edi (pictured), '12 ASCA Nationals Cattle Finals Champ plus Reserve High Combined; '09 HC All Stock ASCA National Specialty


Steve handled Chip,WTCH Oxbow Chip Off The Right Cross ATD-Ms ATD-Xs to HC, to his '15 ASCA Nationals Cattle Finals Championship plus High Combined overall award

Steve has handled others to HIT and HC in specialities (read below)


Our lives have been enriched by each and every Aussie we've owned, trained and/or handled plus the many friends we've made over the years, those we now fondly call our extended-family.










WTCH Diamond S Legends Rosy RTDs All stock titles HIT (high in trial) Sheep '04 (WI Nat'ls) Qualified every year after she WTCH'd; 1 placement Numerous HIT and HC awards; Canadian Futurity 1st place as a 2 year old
WTCH Las Rocosa Western Legends RTDsc All stock titles

HIT Cattle '06 (WI Nat'ls)

HC (high combined ducks, sheep, cattle)

Qualified every year after he WTCh'd; 1 placement; Reserve Finals Duck Dog CA Nat'ls Numerous HIT and HC awards; ASCA merits
2012 ASCA FINALS CATTLE CHAMPION - WTCH Graingers Everredy Legends Edi RTDs PATDsc AFTDs All stock titles

HC Finals '08 Nevada Nat'ls

HC '09 (CO Nat'ls)

2012 Cattle Finals Champ

HC '08; qualified every year after he WTCH'd; placements

Numerous HIT and HC awards; ASCA merits


WTCH Legends of Teewinots Talon RTDs PATDsc HATDIII All stock titles HIT sheep '06 (WI Nat'ls) qualified every year after he WTCH'd Numerous HIT and HC awards; ASCA merits
HOF VCH WTCH CH Shope's Goodnight Bandit CDX RTDsc HS HX All stock titles (plus VCH w/wife Anne)   Qualified every year he was campaigned; top 10 all stock twice; #5 cattle as a 2 yr old Numerous HIT and HC awards both AKC and ASCA - USASA merits; ASCA merits
WTCH Legends Black Shadow - Major - RTDs PATDsc HX All stock titles     Border collie - Numerous HIT & HC awards both AKC and ASCA, USBCA moneywinner
BISSv VCH WTCH CH Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDsc HA All stock titles (plus VCH w/wife Anne)     HC AZ Silver Specialty; other HIT awards; USASA merits
VCH WTCH CH Truelucs Misty Blus Shope CDX All stock titles (plus VCH w/wife Anne) Qualified in ducks    
WTCH Kansaquest's Chances R All stock titles      
WTCH NT Connected Lucky HA RTDsc WTCH      
CH Legends Three Times a Lady CD STDs All stock titles     MPS ASANM Land of Enchantment twice
Wilmeth's Steel Blu Iceman STDdsc All stock titles MPS Pre-Show Specialty '02 (WA Nat'ls)    
CH Legends Classy Sassy CD STDdsc All stock titles      
WTCH Odyssey's Nifty Fini CDX Only the STDdsc      
Private Stocs Texas Ranger CD STDdsc All stock titles     MPS award
Private Stoc's Maclovia STDds OTDc All stock titles     MPS award
CH Windogo's Red O'Sonny Boy CD STDdsc All stock titles     MPS awards
Shope's Cinamon Cachina Doll CD STDdsc All stock titles      
CH Legends Quartermaster (Four) CD STDs STDs title      
CH Heartfire's Thief in the Nite CD STDc ATDds shares stock titles w/wife Anne      
Ruff Stocks Legend Cowgirl Up STDdsc All stock titles     MPS awards
CKC Ch Legends Be Forewarned CD OTDds STDc STDs      
Legends High Noon Cooper OTDcs STDd shares stock titles w/wife Anne      
Foxwood's Man N Black of Dancer ATDsc OTDd (1 leg ATDd) OFTDs All stock titles     MPS Lobo ASA Three Pine Ranch Classic
CH Legends StarN Magic Happens STDsc shares stock titles w/wife Anne      
Legends Tickles My Fancy (border collie) OTDdsc All stock titles      
Lulu (Berceron) STDdsc (1 open leg sheep) All stock titles      
Sketch (Beauvier) STDdsc All stock titles      
Lock-Eye Katy (border collie)STDs OTDc All stock titles      
WTCH Legends StarN Goodnight Gracie AFTDs AFTDs (final leg) WTCH (ATDdsc)      

CH Legends StarN Divine InterventN STDs



HOF WTCH True Grits Easy LuvN Sadie OTDdc ATDd


Legends Rite Up My Ally CD OTDd ATDsc ATDsc      
HOF PCH RTCH II Legends Country Strong Garth ODX/CDX UD STDs OTDc ATDsd      

Boyd Ranch Tater STDdsc


WTCH Tower MtN KicktheDustUp Legends WTCH      


STUDENTS taking lessons from him have garnished titles on german shepherds, shelties, border collies, aussies (TOO MANY TO LIST!!!- thanks to all those who entrusted Steve to handle and/or train their dogs and them as handlers)

Steve's dogs have earned one HC finals in Nevada (with Edi), one HC Specialty in Colorado (with Edi), one HC Specialty in Wisconsin (with Gus), three High HIT sheep Specialty (two in Wisconsin, one with Rosy and the other with her son, Talon, two years later, and one in Las Vegas with Edi), one HIT overall Specialty (with Talon), and one HIT Specialty in cattle (with Gus) plus handled WTCH Chip to a cattle finals championship and high combined in 2015. Edi and Steve teamed up to win the cattle finals championship at the most recent California National Specialty, plus Edi was reserve High Combined. Steve recently was a judge for the ASCA Nationals Stockdog finals in Texas. He's a previous member of the Stockdog Committee and former President of Lobo ASA. He authored and produced a 2005 Stockdog 101 manual and video, currently in rewrite and update. Steve has done clinics and camps at his ranch in the states and also abroad, plus over the years taken in dogs for training and handling. Aussies and other breeds, have earned titles in AHBA, AKC and ASCA with him handling or his students competing. The thing Steve values the most is a handler's relationship with their dog and a handler that allows their dog to think on its own and properly work with instinct. He feels that handlers and dogs should both be always learning and fine tuning their skills.

Steve is an AHBA and ASCA stockdog judge.



anndANNE SHOPE, Senior Breeder Judge Conformation, Obedience Judge Thru Utility, Senior Rally Judge all levels


BISSv VCH WTCH CHLady Claugene Shope CDX, 1 UD leg, RTDsc HA CH, asca/akc CDX (VCH w/husband Steve)

Best in Specialty Show Veteran

Premier Altered Special

Two Premier Altered Special Numerous BOB special awards; HIT awards obedience; merits USASA obedience
HOF VCH WTCH CH Shope's Goodnight Bandit CDX HS HA CH, asca CDX (VCH w/husband Steve)     merits USASA obedience
VCH WTCH CH Truelucs Misty Blus Shope CDX CH, asca/akc CD asca CDX (VCH w/husband Steve)      
VCH CH Legends StarN MaxAMillion CDX OTDc ATDds akc RE asca RM VCH asca CDX akc CD OTDcds ATDs RE RM     MPS and MVA awards; top 15 obedience
CH Legends Celebras Los Suenos CH   Multiple Premier Special #1 Bitch/#3 Dog Overall ASCA merits
CH Legends Classy Sassy CD STDdsc CH, asca/akc CD   Premier Special  
CH Windogos Red O'Sonny Boy CD STDdsc CH, asca/akc CD      
CH Moonlight's Black MicMagic STDs CH, asca CD      
Shope's Cinamon Cachina Doll CD STDdsc asca/akc CD      
Legends Paws for Applause CD asca CD     Top 20 merits ASCA; HIT obedience
Legends Without Remorse CD STDsdc asca CD      
Legends Cafe Latte NA NAJ 2 legs CD STDs STDs      
Legends Chance w/Hanky Panky CD STDsc asca CD, STDsc (1 STDd leg), 2 CH majors     MPS, MVA
CH Legends Quartermaster CD STDs CH majors      
Legends Montana Los Suenos STDs STDs      
Nitanis Hang'em High STDs STDs      
Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me CD asca CD, CH major      
Heartires Tried & True CD asca CD      
BISSp BISSA-CH CH Legends WishUponAStar Nitani CD STDs STDs Best in Special Show ASCA Nationals; Best in Puppy Sweeps ASCA Nat'ls    
CH Heartfire's Thief in the Nite CD STDcATDds CH, ATDds     multiple BOB special
Legends Star Ruby CD RN STDs OTDc STDs OTDc      
ckc CH Legends Be Forewarned CD STDc OTDsd RWD to a 5 pt major under SBJ Janet Goin, asca CD leg, STDcs     MVA award
Legends High Noon Cooper STDd OTDsc STDdsc     MPS Awards
HOF Legends Rite Up My Ally asca CD OTDd ATDsc RM OTDdsc, STDdsc, asca CD, RM     HC award; merits on stock; top 20 obedience
CH Legends StarN King of the Jungle CH major      
CH Legends StarN Magic Happens STDsc Shares stock titles w/husband Steve      
Halfmoon Bialy Stella Artois HT STDcs STDsc     2nd CD leg (3rd place, 187)
Legends StarN Dandy Candy STDd OTDsc HSAs RA STDs OTDsc HSAs RN RA     Merits USASA herding started
HOF WTCH True Grit Legends EZLuvN Sadie STDdsc STDdsc (merited)    

MPS/Howler & MPS/Classic


PACH A-CH ATCH X (THERAPY CERTIFIED) Legends StarN Destiny's Child asca JV-O -SP GV-O-OP RV-O JV-E P GV-E RV-E akc OJP OAP OPF AXJ MXJ usdaa PR1 PJ1 OS1 PMD PJM nadac NAC NJC A-CH      

HOF PCH RTCH II Legends StarN Country Strong GARTH asca CDX/ODX UD STDs akc CDX


PCH CDX ODX UD RTX RTCH II 3rd place obedience finals; 5th place rally finals   Rally and Obedience finals/merits in ODX-
A-CH Legends Courage Under Fire RMX CD asca A-CH CD, RMX REM akc CD     Rally merits and conformation finals altered
CH Magnus Dirty Rotten Scoundrel STDds HT HCT JS-O RS-N NJC RN CD CGC STDc      

Legends EZ Bree Z Amistad

akc CD RN

    3 HIT akc CD/3 perfect scores akc RN

Anne currently is an ASCA obedience judge (through utility),  ASCA Senior BreederJudge (conformation), and Senior Rally judge (all levels). She is (or has been) a member of the Sandia Dog Obedience Club, Zia Australian Shepherd Club, ASANM and Lobo Australian Shepherd Club, and presently is in the Lobo Working Aussie Club serving as this club's Treasurer.  Anne is the former Chair for the ASCA Most Versatile Aussie Committee, former Chair for the Obedience Committee and former Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee, former member of the Rally Committee, and presently serves ASCA on the LEP committee. Anne has written two manuals:  '05 Practical Obedience and '05 How to Choose, Live With and Train a Puppy.  The Practical Obedience Manual was accompanied by a dvd or video.  The training manuals and dvd/videos are a family production and presently pulled from the market place. Anne is often sought out for problem solving temperament issues.  She works to problem solve the human/dog relationship and communication capabilities (both inside and outside the home and competition environments) so-as to enable both dog and human to understand each other, thereby forming a viable, lifelong, and productive partnership.  Anne is also a former obedience writer for the USASA Journal.

Anne has judged at the ASCA National Specality level: Obedience, Rally, Conformation Finals, Most Versatile Aussie, Most Versatile Junior, and Altered Conformation plus Puppies.




asca/akc CH Moonlight's Black MicMagic CD STDs asca CH, CD  
CH Legends Classy Sassy STDdsc CD CD (Stephanie put on the AKC; Anne put on the ASCA)  
BISS CH Ferncroft's Ball of Fire CD RE RS-O CD  
Legends Montana Los Suenos CD CD  
WTCH asca/akc CH Kansaquest's Chances R CD CD  
asca CH Legends Rx 4 Success (13 pts in AKC)  
CH Quartermaster ("Four") STDs CD CH majors and points ASCA  
CKC CH Legends Be Forewarned CD STDc OTDsd CD (RWD to two majors under SBJ Carol Anne Hartnagle & SBJ Heidi Mobley)  
BISSp BISSA-CH CH Legends WishUponAStar Nitani CD STDs BISSA-CH CH CD Multiple BOB/BOS special awards, Best of Breed Altered Pre Show Las Vegas Nationals, Premier Awards
CH Heartfire's Thief in the Nite CD STDc ATDds CH (w/mother Anne)  
VCH CH Legends StarN MaxAMillion CD OTDc ATDds RE CH, VCH (all CH points) Class placement ASCA Nat'l CA
BISSp CH Legends StarN Magic Happens CH, BISSp
Best of Breed Puppy USASA Specialty CO
Legends Star Ruby CD STDs OTDc RN CD RN  
Legends Willow Wins at Amistad ASCA major in conformation  
CH Legends Beinviendo Los Suenos STDc   BOB special points
BISS CH La Plata Mistico De Colores   BOB special points
CH Legends StarN Little Mermaid CH (all points)  
CH StarN Meant to be By Testimony RNX RAX CD CH (all points) RNX RAX CD  

CH Legends StarN Divine Intervention STDs

CH (all points)


CH StarN Jailhouse Gem's Easywind - RUBY

CH (all points)


CH StarN NCahoots w/Easywind

CH (all points)

A-CH Legends Courage Under Fire BN CD RMX BN RN (w/her scooter)  
CH Legends StarN King of the Jungle STDs CH (all points)  

Stephanie has Lupus (systemic), Fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos (hypermobility plus platelets), Weggners, severe Gastroparesis, and chronic Asthma, plus Addisons. In addition her bladder is necrotic. Therefore, we have to be very careful with her health.  She wears rings on her hands to help keep her joints straighter so if you see her, these are medical but certainly look blingy. Wears retainers to keep her teeth from moving due to her Ehlers. Stephanie gets IgG infusions every other week to boost her immune system.

On her down days, the dogs really make this world a better place for her.  They are her best drug for what ails her.  Stephanie's kennel is Hall of Fame Excellent StarN.  You'll find many Aussies named Legends StarN - these are co-breedings by the Shopes with daughter Stephanie and sometimes granddaughter Shelby. Stephanie is a Senior Breeder Judge for ASCA. Stephanie has not been active judging since her health declined; she almost died early 2013 - Steph utilizes a cane or walker for stability and also has a scooter for her down days.



Shelby has resided in England and in the USA. Currently she is in the USA. Shelby works for Blue Cross Blue Shield and serves on local and national mental health boards.

She served on the Advisory Mental Health Committee of NM, plus a National Committee. She's an advocate for mental health treatment.

2006-2007: Degrees 1, 2, and 3 (w/Disney & Ally)

2007-2008: Degrees 1, 2, 3, & 4 (w/Disney in junior handling conformation) and HIT 8-12 working junior Nationally and Regionally w/Gus)

2008-2009: Watch for Shelby and Talon in WJH (2 high scores this ASCA year so far , a 104 & 119 w/Talon); she is not campaigning this year in BJH competition but will probably earn degree 2 easily with Max .

2010-2011: Shelby & Edi picked up a 122,5, 123, and 124 in Working Junior Handling (stockdog trialing) and are #1 in the Working Junior Stats in ASCA. Shelby & Max plus Kismet have picked up BJH and RJH awards. Shelby is continuing to be an honor roll student (9th grade).

2011-12: Shelby took time off from dog competitions.

2012-13: Shelby is in high school, training her dog Gracie in performance and she'll be back to compete in working junior handler also. Shelby and Kismet are racking up junior handling points in conformation.

2014-15: Shelby made the 500 junior handling club. She is the #1 working junior handler with Gracie. She is All-Around Junior, having done junior handing, working, rally and obedience. She put a BN and RN on her dog Gracie. The CD is next!

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