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Ariel's Sire



Ariel's brother



Ariel's half sister


$250 to a qualified pet or performance home



buy/sell contract

We love this Aussie and want a safe, loving family and environment for her.


sire: asca CH Heartfire's Monster Bash DNA (ofa good, eye cleared, full dentition, scissors)

dam: BISSA-CH BISSBOBp asca CH Legends WishUponAStar Nitani STDs CD DNA-VP (ofa good, eye cleared, full dentition, scissors, thyroid cleared, elbows normal, MDR1 normal/normal)

Ariel is: OFA-excellent, Elbows-normal, MDR1 normal/normal, non cataract carrier of HSF4, eye cleared, scissors bite, missing premolar bottom, thyroid cleared, current on all vaccines, no allergies, microchipped. She kept having false pregnancies in tact, so we spayed her to alleviate those hormones and the sways in her moods. She's now doing awesome:)

Multiple BOB/BOS special in tact. dob: 042806 (she'll be three in April) - 18.5", excellent health & condition

Current on all shots (we use Progard/non-mercury vaccines) - Ariel is eating Blue Buffalo Chicken dog food

Email us ( or call 505/384-2547 if you are interested. She will not be placed with any family with young children in the home. Ariel doesn't care for young kids. She'd rather avoid them totally.

Ariel is very loyal and incredibly loving, super housedog in every regard, terrific energy, atheletic, structure is awesome, and she is amazingly fast on her feet, turning on a dime at a dead run. She loves to sit in your lap, follow you around the house, retrieve toys, play in the pond, and play tag-your-it with any dog. She is Ms. Congeniality with all dogs.

We think she'd make an excellent rally or agility prospect, definitely an outstanding housebuddy, or simply a terrific pet, or hiking or jogging companion. Beware that this little redhead can climb like a monkey and jump like a deer - she could easily escape a dog run or fenced yard if left unsupervised. Ariel is crate trained, does super in a dog run (covered), great on a ranch/farm setting (is one very serious and fast rabbit hunter though and periodically quite successful), and she travels like a professional. We are happy to give you references on her, and us as well. She's trained in basic obedience (sit, down, wait, leave it, stay, come, watch, AND the agility obstacles Linda Shoemaker taught her while living w/Linda & Ken - Ariel showed wonderful promise and natural talent in agility but unfortunately didn't care for Linda's six year granddaughter, so we took her back to find her a more appropriate home for Ariel's needs...). Ariel doesn't bother our livestock, but we sure would not recommend running her with chickens or ducks - her prey drive for these is quite high!

WE WILL NOT FLY HER; YOU MUST COME GET HER. WE ARE ONE HOUR EAST OF ALBUQUERUE, NM. You can spend the night in our guesthouse if you drive over to pick her up.



littermates: asca/akc CH Legends StarN Runnin Down a Dream STDs (1 leg ducks) aka DALE - all other littermates are in pet homes (one on a farm/ranch; another is a jogging partner; another a family pet) - zero complaints on any littermates. Dale is the only one intact.

Half sibling: CH Legends StarN Magic Happens DNA-VP (Link to the left to visit our Karma)

Half Sibling: Legends StarN Outlaw JesZ CGC AX AXJ OF EAC NCC NJC WV-N S-E JS-E GS-E (close to ATCH) AD SS RN ('08 USASA Nationals placements; qualified for ASCA agility finals)

Watch for: Legends StarN Cinderella Story at the ASCA Nationals in CO debuing in agility:)

Legends StarN Once Upon a Dream GS-N RS-N JS-O NA (seated USASA merits)

Legends StarN Hakuna Matata CGC (he's the one on the boogey board in the pool on our index page)


She turned heads as a pup, and still turns them:) Thank you Senior Breeder Judges Rick Gann, Celeste Telles and Janet White.

The 8 week old cutey

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