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Shope's Goodnight Bandit
asca CDX RTDsc akc CD HS-As HX-Ad DNA

Thank you, to all who own his pups!  Meet some of his titled offspring

asca CH Los Suenos Stallone (Stallone)

asca CH Los Suenos Taylormade  (Taylor), one leg started sheep

asca CH Los Suenos/Legends N'Lace (Red), BOB special

Legends Without Remorse asca/akc CD STDsc, one leg ducks (MPS pre-show Georgia Nationals), BOB A-CH retired

asca CH Legends Quartermaster asca CD (two legs akc CD) STDs (RWD Georgia Nationals/MVA top 20 finalist Colorado Nationals) (deceased).

Legends One Dog Posse ATDds OTDc (deceased)

Legends Mov'N Mozell asca CD STDdc OTDs, major pointed ASCA (MVA top 20 Georgia Nationals)

asca ATCH nadac NATCH Legends Midnight Bandita CGC nadac EAC EJC EGC usdaa AAD (MACH legs in Snookers & Jumpers) akc AX AXJ  (ASCA 17th PLACE ASCA AGILITY FINALS 2004) JS-E-SP

Legend Darn Toot'N Los Suenos asca/akc UD (195 averages both registries!) TD STDs (honor dog akc/ OPEN Finals Champion 2001 ASCA Nationals/consistent merit awards ASCA/consistent finals qualifier, although she only attended the 2001 ASCA Nationals)
#1 utility dog '03-'04 ASCA year; #6 super dog '03-'04 ASCA year obedience

ARCH (1st Aussie to earn this title:) Legends Bearfoot Contessa HCT CGC R1CL R2CL RL3 RE NA OAJ OAC NGC NJC TN-N TG-N RV-O GV-O JV-E CL1R/H

Legends Neon Lites Los Suenos asca/akc CD, junior handled, BOB A-CH, junior handled, spayed-retired (now 3 legged due to an accident)

Legends Nor'easter Hollywood RS-E, JS-E, GS-E, EAC, EJC, EGC, NA, TN-O
FMCH (over 15,000 pts:)

Legends Mighty Night Sarah CGC NAJ NA NAC NJC (two standard AKC open legs), junior handled, now retired

Legends Stalker of Dun Bar STDs, red merle bitch - ranch dog

Legends Southern Bandit STDs, black tri male

UKC CH Magnus' Dirty Rotten Scoundrel HT HCT JS-N NJC STDs RN akc CD CGC - this is Bandit's pup produced by frozen sperm - also doing some lure coursing, training in agility & obedience

asca CH Caralot's Smith & Wesson  DNA-VP

asca CH Heartfire's Thief in the Nite STDc ATDsd CD ("Bandito aka DEETER "),
Bandito aka Deeter was MPS one day of the Lobo ASA
#11 Started Cattle ASCA Merits 2004-2005; High Conformation dog w/a Stockdog Title Montana 2006 Cow Country Classic

CH Heartfire's Pick Pocket ("Sneak"), Bandito's sister
  Sneak won the open black class pre-shows ASCA Nationals 2004

Can CH Legends Be Forewarned DNA-CP CD STDc OTDsd,  (Warner), RWDs to majors in ASCA, (one Group 4 and one Group 3 plus a BOS over specials to finish his Canadian CH!), MVA Montana Cow Country Classic 2005; High Open 2 day of the 2006 Montana Cow Country Classic


Nitani's Take a Chance CDX OA OAJ MXJ  MX JWW CGC

C-ATCH Nitani's Chillin Out West ("Chili" AX, AXJ, AD, PD3, PJ3, PK3, CL4, JS-O, RN-O, GS-O, OJC, OAC
qualified for the USDAA Agility Finals in '05, '06 and '08
High In Standard Division 16” Level 2!!! CPE agility finals!

Nitani's Azure de la Luna asca STDsc ahba JHD HCT

Nitani's Asir El Dia to Gruv JWW NA NAJ, 3 pt major ASCA, limited showing

Heartfire's Catch Me If U Can (Con), Four ASCA majors, 13 pts:)

Legends StarN Rhythm N Blu NA NAJ RS-N JS-N GS-N

Legends StarN Law-N-Order akc MAD OA OAJ OF AX & AXJ usdaa SG SR AD

Legends StarN Rite Up My Ally STDc OTDds DNA-VP (asca HC award stock/195 CD leg)

Legends StarN Pandamonium TD

Legends StarN Pearl TDI





Bandit has many more pups out there with agility, obedience, stock legs.  These pups will be added as their owners or breeders email me with the title info:) Bandit would have his USASA ROM Ip if USASA allowed the ILP dogs. The last three dogs listed above are by a dam who is not AKC registered (she is ASCA registered). Hopefully we'll get the registry reopened soon and those dogs named above put in as foundation stock for AKC along with their dam and siblings.


For those of you interested in using him at Stud, here is his GENETIC feedback on his get:

He has litters by 19 bitches.  He reached HOF on 5 litters.  He has 111 pups on the ground.  Many of his get are on ranches, some doing therapy, many are pets and about 25% are competing in various venues with wonderful success.  We value a pet home as much as we do a competitive home so never pushed for competition homes for his pups.  Bandit is producing high drive, sound temperament, and performance capability with great structure.  Expect his get to be slow maturing physically.  Most will mature at age six.  He has produced hip ratings of many excellents & goods, one fair, and 4 dysplastic.  You can check out the genetic lines below to see what he produced when crossed into certain lines; it'll serve as great feedback for you if you are considering him for stud purposes or if you own one of his pups.  Bandit has produced zero eye problems (knock on wood:) and produced zero epilepsy.  On Bandit's Wilcox side, no sires or dams were officially hip rated to our knowledge although they were reported to us to be; they may not have mailed in any xrays for an official rating.  That side of his pedigree is working ranch dogs.  Bandit's eyes were cleared annually up and until age 9; there were never any notations made on his eyes.   He's never been to a vet for any illness.  He just starting graying around the muzzle at age 10.  Bandit has been an easykeeper, doing well on any dog food he's been fed.  His one IBD pup listed below reacted very negatively to Canidae & Flagyl and continued to go downhill.  Questions on that pup can be directed to Betty Jaco of Regatta Aussies.  We recommend you run a blood test for compatibility of Flagyl* and if you feed Canidae that you supplement it with meat.

*Veterinary Clinical Pharamacology Laboratory Manager
PO Box 2280
Pullman WA 99165-2280
Phone/FAX 509-335-3745
Email< VCPL@vetmed.wsu.edu
Check with this laboratory for tests they can give for drug reactions.

Here are the bitches to whom he was bred:

Legends Red Hot Chili Pepper Nitani ("Cayenne")
    (BOBp & RWB at 6 months of age from this cross  - only one pup has been shown)

Diamond S Pepper (one pup put on Flagyl reacted badly to this drug; this pup did survive and is doing fine - the pup had Parvo and fully recovered)
    (Pups multi-venue training; one BOBp from this cross; we retained our Ally from this cross - she is quite awesome!)

CH Heartfire's Gone & Done It
    (Pups multi-venue training/performance capability is reported to be great)

CH Heartfire's Kissed by the Sun STDdsc
    (major pointed pup from this cross; pups training in  multi-venues with lots of drive and capability)
Heartfire's Tried & True CD     (Champion & stock-titled pup from this cross plus another major pointed and others training in multi-venues)

Outlaws Dirty Little Grub (litter of 1 by frozen sperm)
    (This pup is multi-venue training and doing wonderful)

CH Sawbucks Sophistication
    (Many performance titled pups plus one stock-titled pup in this cross plus a major pointed pup; absolutely awesome performance cross and outstanding temperament)

Legends Walkin to Heaven (1 pup with missing button teeth on the bottom)
    (MVA pup from this cross, pointed ASCA, elite agility-titled pup from this cross; all others in pet homes;
    outstanding temperament from this cross)

VCH WTCH CH Trueluc's Misty Blus Shope CDX (litter of 3 - 1 dysplastic dog - 1 missing 3 teeth)
    (Pups are in pet homes from this cross; one lives in Gaum and has done exceptionally well as a BOB/Group winner in their competition plus winner in their obedience competitions)

Trueluc's Fright Night Tazzie CD STDdcs (2 missing 2 teeth; one fair hipped; 1 suspected discoid lupus which cleared up totally & dog is not on any prescribed drugs at this time to our knowledge)
    (Pups elite agility titled and obedience titled from this cross; one pointed breed but injured and retired).

CH Agua Dulce Kiss N Cousin (litter of 1/bred only one time)
    (Champion pup from this cross; this pup is also a champion producer)

Los Encinos Lizzie (ranch dog)
   (Pups are in pet homes from this cross; some on are ranches)

CH Legends Classy Sassy CD STDdsc (litter of 12/11 born alive - 1 dysplastic dog, 1 with slipped hocks, 1 IBD - By the way, Sassy produced an epileptic pup by another stud dog and that pup is listed in the Epigenes Database)
    (Champion, stock titled, agility titled and obedience titled, MVA top 20,  MPS pre-show Nat'ls, RWD Nat'ls from this cross)

Bar LW Josie Ballou a/k/a Bar LW Cat Ballou STDcds
    (Pups are in pet homes and working ranches from this cross; one is stockdog titled)

Los Barrancos Harlequin Gaze CDX STDcds (litter of 4 - 2 dysplastic dogs {one jumped out a 2 story window} - severe ratings)
    (Pups are in pet homes plus one is trained for SAR/cadaver work)

CH Private Stocs Maclovia
    (Champion pup from this cross; others are in pet homes)

Odyssey's Keelioco
    (Pups are in pet homes from this cross)

Private Stocs Manzanita OTDc STDds (one prick ear, one bad bite)
    (Top in the nation obedience dog from this cross; advanced, open and started stock titled pups, pointed in breed, and agility titled pups from this cross)

Shope's Cinamon Cachina Doll CD STDdsc
    (Pups are in pet homes from this cross; BOBp from this cross)

As information is shared with us, we update this feedback.  Therefore, you'll need to checkback periodically to see if there are any changes to any information listed.  Please use the information wisely in making choices in your breeding programs.




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