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Legends StarN Lady Claudia

dob: 8/31/07, eye cleared, MDR1 normal/mutant, scissors bite, spayed 5/08

18.75" of muscled dynamite:)

sire: CH Legends StarN MaxAMillion CD OTDdsc RE DNA-VP (Max)

dam: CH Legends StarN Magic Happens DNA-VP (Karma)


Claudia is incredibly atheletic , jumping or leaping amazing distances and heights at her will. She is junior Shelby's best bud and constant shadow, Ally's rough&tumble playmate, and one heck of a toy stealer much to our Edi's annoyance:)

She will train extensively in obedience, agility and on stock and be Shelby's junior performance & stock partner in a few years. She was spayed due to missing teeth (the only one in her litter to be missing any) plus her ears went prick. She's oblivious to these foupauxs. Claudia is doing wonderful in her agility, obedience and stock training - all done by her owner/junior handler Shelby under the supervision of her doting family:) Ms. Claudia is screaming fast on her feet due to her compact size and atheletic build - she's a pistoli to keep up with:)

Her favorite toys make lots of noise!!! And she'll toss and shake them to make even more noise. She is named after VCH Claugene upon whom she was linebred. She is outgoing, loves all dogs and people, and makes the cutest noises when hugged and snugged up. She's learning to talk and says "I love you" and magically appears in any lap that'll host her every evening for hugs and snugs.

She's a wonderful addition to our kennel and to our lives. We are hopeful Ms. Claudia will help Shelby achieve her goals of all-around junior in a couple of years:) Meanwhile watch for Shelby's & Claudia's pictures in the Nov/Dec 2007 and 2008 AT.

Updated pictures of Claudia's siblings are added periodically at the end of this webpage.


5 months of age

Then she went prick-eared - voops - doesn't seem to affect her performance or stockwork or her zest for life:)

Pictured at age one in the picture that follows:

aunatural watching sheep

Claudia and Ally playing together with the ball-rope. Claudia is 6 months of age in this picture. Claudia & Ally pal around every chance they get - very compatible best buds, the 21" Ally and 18.75" Claudia:)



Here is Jym, Claudia's brother, from the Max x Karma litter. Visit his sis Wicked at the Arcoiris kennel. These are two good looking pups with promising futures in conformation and performance (who knows, maybe even stock).

Jym, pictured under one year of age, is training in all disciplines, as is Wicked.

Other siblings are training in obedience & agility ... Check back for updates as the siblings grow up.










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