PedigreeĀ of:


HOF CH Heartfires Thief In the Nite STDc ATDsd CD DNA-CP (littermate to CH Heartfires Pick Pocket - Sneak), multiple BOB special
Red W AS-19725G24M-NOPI F=8.56%
DN01018703 MDR1 M/N

HOF VCH WTCH CH Shopes Goodnight Bandit CDX RTDcs HSs HAd DNA-CP, Finals Stockdog, Merits
Black W RF AS-9464G24M F=7.20%
E66426 DL52078106 MDR1 N/N

asca/akc CH Sand Ridge Ventana
E52983 DL46810801

CH Windhills Claim Jumper


Viva Las Vegas of Starcross CD


Wilcoxs Bitablue Always Raven (ranch dog)
E57102 DL50067301

Truelucs Hushup Kid (sire of this dog has over 60 BOBs)


HOF Wibi Black Velvet


Heartfires Tried & True CD
Blue C/W RF AS-16497E26F-NOPI F=20.24%
E111572 DL80753006
HOF Ch Heartfires Willin 'n' Able DNA-CP, multiple premier special
E67768 DL52988101

HOF Ch Out Tom Cattin' At Starcross


CH Palomas Miss Moxette


Ch Heartfires Dozen Red Roses
E67769 DL52988004

HOF CH Out Tom Cattin' At Starcross


Woodwinds Colorme Red Sundown


BISSp CH Legends Starn Magic Happens
Red Merle STDsc, #4 brood bitch '09 ASCA Nat'ls (littermate to: ATCH-III MACH Legends StarN Outlaw JesZ CGC RE MX MXJ XF EAC OCC OJC WV-O TG-N TN-N RS-E-OP JS-E-SP GS-E-SP AD SS)
RF AS-22938G25F-PI F=12.01%
E137231 DN09239903 MDR1 N/N Non carrier of HSF4

Ch Legends Albuquerque Low CD DNA-VP (littermates MACH Legends Rio Grande; CH Legends Irish Rose)
Red Merle C/W AS-14744G25M-T F=12.16%
E96925 DL74518608
Ch Windogos Red O'Sonny Boy CD STDcds DNA-CP
E76751 DL61094506

Ch Merribrooks Cutting Edge


The Bees Knees of Windogo (14 breed pts; deceased)


Trueluc Fright Night Tazzie CD STDcds DNA-CP (littermate to VCH WTCH CH Trueluc's Misty Blus Shope CDX)
E71139 DL54916604

HOF Windogos Bust Loose of Trueluc (littermate HOF CH Windogos Wild Wild West)


Truelucs Razzle Dazzle (injured; never shown)


BISS A-Ch BISSp Ch special Legends Wishuponastar Nitani CD STDs, multi-premier special + BOB altered pre-show ASCA Nat'ls, littermate to asca/akc CH Nitani's PlayN w/Fire of Legends NAJ, CA, EST, LV, LT, RU, BALTIC and Veteran CH EST, LV, LT, BALTIC and winner titels in veternaclass in Estonia winnershows -10 and -11 . MULTI CH Legends SmokN Brazados Nitani,
Black C/W AS-19525G24F-PI F=12.23%
E122021 DL90804902
Ch (14 akc pts) Legends Rx 4 Success DNA-CP (class placer ASCA Nationals - littermate to CH Legends Three Times A Lady CD STDs, HOF Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me CD)
E88589 DL68097207

asca/akc Ch (#5 all-breed akc) Windogos Johnnie Walker Red


BISSv VCH WTCH Ch Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDcs HSs ROMII DNA-CP, BOB veteran ASCA Nat'ls


ROMXIII BISS akc Ch asca CH Ferncrofts Ball of Fire CD RE RS-O AX OAJ, USASA Nat'ls BOB, DNA-CP
E80800 DL62377604

HOF asca/akc Ch Caledonias Crowd Pleaser ROMX


akc CH Propwash Confidence

courtesy of (pedigree brought current by Legends StarN)