083107 PUPS 16%COI

Ch Legends Starn Max A Million RE CD OTDdsc (littermate to Legends Boomvang RS-O JS-O GS-N CD OTDd ATDsd, Legends StarN Curtain Call for MLady asca UD akc UDX (close to her akc OTCH)
Black C/W AS-20430E24M-PI F=11.12%
Ofa exc, elbows good, eye cleared, MDR1 n/m, full dentition, scissors  - Max is 2 titles from his VCH
DN02660204 dob: 2/9/2003

Ch Spring Fever Standingovation (littermate to Ch Spring Fevers Coz To Applause, Ch Spring Fever Teas Me Pleas Me, & Ch Spring Fever Great Expectation)
Blue C/W AS-14778G24M F=10.31%
E98555 DL76152206
7/21/1998, Premier Ch


HOF asca Ch akc Ch Caledonias Crowd Pleaser ROMX (littermate to Ch Caledonias Saint I Ain't & Ch Caledonias Ain't She Grand) producer of multi-titled offspring including WTCH, E47779 DL43626701


HOF Ch Jimmee Blue of Adelaide CD



Ch Butterfields Silky Suzann



WTCH Ch Spring Fevers Whoopi Gal E68070 DL54498301


WTCH Ch Gold Nuggets Contender CD DNA-CP



Spring Fever Jazz Minn (littermate to Ch Spring Fever Teewinots Blixen) Her sire is SVCH WTCH CH Gitalong's Half Cocked UD


HOF Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me asca/akc CD DNA-CP (littermate to CH Legends RX 4 Success, CH Legends Three Times a Lady STDs CD)
Black C/W RF AS-13178E25F F=11.52%
E88737 DL68097205

asca/akc Ch Windogos Johnnie Walker Red, #5 all-breed AKC conformation (littermate to Ch Windogos Red Estaire)
E49944 DL41106203



Ch Feel the Fire of Heatherhill



Windogos Back To the Future, 14 pts conformation, deceased (littermate to Ch Windogos C.R. Precious Star CD ATDd STDcs & Ch Windogos Sweet Success)


BISSv VCH WTCH Ch Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDcs ROM Iop (ROMIIo pending)   DNA-CP
E65240 DL51329008


Truelucs Reflejos De La Noche (littermate to Ch Truelucs In the Nick of Time CD STDds)



Zuzaxs 2 Know Me Is 2 Love Me


BISSp Ch Legends Starn Magic Happens (littermate to Legends StarN Outlaw JesZ NAC OAJ JS-O RS-O GS-E NA EX-A), ofa-G, eye clear, MDR1 n/n, thyroid clear, elbows good, full dentition, scissors, F=12.01%, DN09239903
dob: 12/5/2004

Ch Legends Albuquerque Low CD DNA-VP (littermate to MACH Legends Rio Grande RS-E JS-E GS-E, CH Legends Irish Rose, Legends Red Heart Snatcher CDX)
Red Merle C/W AS-14744G25M-T F=12.09%
E96925 DL74518608


Ch Windogos Red O'Sonny Boy CD STDcds DNA-CP
E76751 DL61094506

Ch Merribrooks Cutting Edge


The Bees Knees of Windogo



Trueluc Fright Night Tazzie CD STDcds DNA-CP(littermate to VCH WTCH CH Trueluc's Misty Blus Shope CDX)
E71139 DL54916604,


HOF Windogos Bust Loose of Trueluc (littermate to HOF CH Windogo's Wild Wild West)



Truelucs Razzle Dazzle


BISSp Ch Legends Wishuponastar Nitani CD STDs (A-CH stats) (littermate to asca/akc CH Nitanis PlayN w/Fire of Legends, can. CH Legends SmokN Brazados, group winner)
Black C/W AS-19525G24F-PI F=12.08%
E122021 DL90804902

Ch Legends Rx 4 Success DNA-CP (littermate to CH Three Times A Lady CD STDs & HOF Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me CD)
E88589 DL68097207


Ch Windogos Johnnie Walker Red, #5 all-breed AKC conformation (littermate to Ch Windogos Red Estaire).



BISSv VCH WTCH Ch Lady Claugene Shope CDX RTDcs ROM I op DNA-CP



BISS akc Ch asca Ch Ferncrofts Ball of Fire CD RN AX OAJ ROM XIII ROM I DNA-CP (littermate to Ch Ferncroft Snowdon Remember Me CD & Ch Ferncroft Snowdon Golly Gee)
E80800 DL62377604


HOF asca Ch akc Ch Caledonias Crowd Pleaser ROM X (producer of multi-titled offspring including WTCH)



akc CH Propwash Confidence (littermate to Propwash Zephy CD)