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or print it out, add your answers and snailmail it to us via the USPS)

Your answers to this questionnaire will help us know if we will have a compatible four-footed addition for your family. We reserve the right to help you choose your pup OR your adult Aussie based on your expectations, environment and family. By the way, we take no deposits until a litter is three weeks of age. We maintain a waiting list and notify those on the waiting list when a litter is born. Pictures of the pups are updated weekly to bi-weekly at our website.

Kennel, if applicable:

1. Tell us about the dogs you presently own (breed, sex, titles if applicable, temperament, etc.)

2. Tell us about the dogs you previously owned (breed, sex, titles if applicable, temperament, etc. and why you no longer own these)

3. What is the right quantity of dogs for your family to own, love and care for?

4. Tell us about your facility. Is your yard fenced (how high/what type)? Will the dog be allowed in the house (how much/when)? Do you have neighbors immediately adjacent to you, and do they like dogs or do they have dogs?

5. What are your plans for this pup: conformation/pet/stockdog/performance (agility/obedience/tracking/therapy/search & rescue) and/or family companion?

NOTE: If you are purchasing this puppy specifically as a breeding candidate, please understand that we don't sell our dogs for "breeding only." If you keep this pup in tact, you agree to show the dog in either conformation, performance, or work it on stock (ranch or competition), do SAR or therapy, tracking, flyball, frisbee, ... - doing any of these gives you and us both feedback on the capabilities of the pup to live up to its genetics plus earn the right to carry those genetics forward. You agree that all health clearances will be done at age two years of age and those clearances will meet the requirements set forth in our Buy/Sell Agreement prior to breeding the pup. You realize you may spay or neuter a pup at any time; we do not require you to keep a pup in tact.

6. Have you ever turned a dog into Animal Control or any Rescue Dog Organization? Have you been turned into Animal Control?

7. Have you ever returned a dog to the breeder? If so, why?

8. Tell us about your immediate family (kids? handicapped? special needs? aged? ...).

9. Do you work? If so, how will the dog be housed in your absence? How long will your absences be?

10. Who will take care of your dog when you are ill or on vacation?

11.  Are you a member of ASCA? ABCA? USASA? UKC? CKC? AKC?  Ever been in bad standing with any?

12. Are you a member of any local dog training club? Have you ever taken lessons in dog obedience?

NOTE:. If you aren't a member of any national dog club or local training club or don't know of any dog trainers in your area, we can provide you with information on such. NOTE: We recommend all dogs have basic obedience classes by either a professional or at-home training (we market an obedience manual that can assist anyone wishing to do it at home only).

13. What dog food do you feed? Do you feed treats (if so, which ones).

14.  Please furnish two references & their relationship to you.  Give email address if known. What is your vet's name?

15. Do you have livestock and if so, what type? Is your livestock fenced such that the pup cannot get in with the livestock? Do you plan to work this pup on horses?

16. Anything else you would like to share with us?


We do not guarantee titles for any of you purchasing a competition dog. However, we will personally assist you in every way we can to problemsolve issues, plus direct you as needbe to professional trainers and other mentors to assist you in your partnership with your dog and any competitive endeavors. You are invited to join our Legends StarN chatlist where you'll find an extended family of friends, advice and cheerleaders.

Please familiarize yourself with this breed's strengths and weaknesses by visiting the links on our website, reading books, and taking the registry's bi-monthly publication (the Aussie Times put out by ASCA), or subscribing to the Journal (a bi-monthly publication put out by USASA). Please be aware that MANY Aussies can be protective and assertive - they can act before they think - they will go to livestock - they will defend their families without directive to do so - they can be shy and/or reserved with strangers - some can clear or climb fences - they need exercised daily - they need quality family time and do best with outside/inside living quarters - and voops they shed a lot so be prepared.

20.  Do you get the bi-monthly magazine Stockdogs, Front & Finish, Aussie Times, USASA Journal? If not, we can assist you if you'd like to subscribe. We have a lot of dog training books, dvds, and videos on dogs - if you need advice on what books to purchase, we'd be happy to direct you to our favorites.

21.  Did you read the terms of the Buy/Sell Agreement? Any questions?

22. How did you discover Legends & Star'N?