(updated 2009)

Stud Owners:    Steve D. & Anne M. Shope (Stephanie McDaniel-Shope, as applicable)
                            d/b/a Legends Three Pine Ranch and Australian Shepherds, LLC
                            (hereinafter "STUD OWNERS" whether singular or plural)
                            671 Langley Road, Estancia, NM 87016-8032
                            505/384-2547 email: legendsranch@hotmail.com
                            fax: 505/384-2539 (call first)
                            website:  http://www.legendsaussies.com

     We have an excellent Dog Boarding Facility, guesthouse if you'd like to accompany your bitch, hotels/motels
nearby if you prefer - you're wecome to visit Santa Fe, Taos, Old Town Albuquerque, whatever while we babysit OR
Bitches may be flown into Albuquerque International Airport.  We are 1 hour 20 minutes from this airport
and are happy to pick up your bitch and handle the breeding process.
We will house your bitch in the manner to which she is accustomed.  Legends has had ZERO breeding accidents.
 All dogs here at Legends are DNA'd.

(Mark the applicable stud)

__TALON - Australian Shepherds  ASCA/AKC REGISTERED
WTCH Legends Teewinot of Talon RTDsc PATDsc DNA-VP
sire:  HOF WTCH NT Connected Lucky HSAsd RTDsc DNA-VP, ofa good, full dentition, scissors, eye cleared
dam:  HOF WTCH Diamond S Legends Rosy RTDs, ofa good, full dentition, scissors, eye cleared
Date of Birth:  February 3, 2002
Height:  20" Weight:  44 lbs Blue Merle (copper & white trim)
Bite:  Scissors/Full Dentition   Eyes:  Brown/cleared yearly, non-carrier of HSF4 cataract gene
MDR1: normal/normal
Hips:  Good, Elbows Normal, Tail:  Docked
Honors:  Talon/ASCA stockdog merits; Numerous High Combined Stockdog Awards; Stockdog finals qualifier & placer; High in Trial ASCA Nationals '06 Wisconsin (sheep)
Progeny: 1 litter by our Ally (pups are training in multi-disciplines and are under age 2)
Other: - Talon is also being handled by Junior Handler Shelby Anne McDaniel in working junior handler

___ MAX - Australian Shepherd, ASCA/AKC REGISTERED - CHIC clearance (NOT RED FACTORED)
asca CH Legends StarN Max-a-Million asca CD OTDdsc (1 ATDd leg) akc CD (1 leg CDX) RE DNA-VP.
MAX IS STANDING AT $650.  (NO FRESH CHILLED OR FROZEN). (CH Spring Fevers Standing Ovation x HOF Legends Copper Canyon Watch Me CD)
Date of Birth:  February 9, 2003
Height: 20.5" Weight: 44 lbs  Black with white & copper trim
Bite:  Scissors/Full Dentition  Eyes:  Brown/cleared yearly, non carrier of HSF4 cataract gene
Hips:  Excellent Elbows:  Normal  Tail: Docked   Thyroid: Normal MDR1: mutant/normal
Honors:  Top 20 ASCA obedience PLUS MVA/MPS 2005 Lobo ASA Three Pine Ranch Classic; HC open CO Mem Day Show '07
Progeny: 3 litters to date, 2 of which were to ranch dogs (all pups are under 2 at the time of this update); his sibling Pulley has CH and MPS offspring.
Other:  Max is being trained in obedience and on stock.

___ EDI - Australian Shepherd, ASCA/AKC REGISTERED
WTCH Grainger's Everready Legends Edi RTDs PATDsc DNA-CP
Date of Birth:  121203
Height: 21" Weight: 44 lbs Blue Merle with white & copper trim
Bite:  Scissors/Missing One Premolar  Eyes:  Brown/cleared yearly, non carrier of HSF4 cataract gene
Hips: OFA good Elbows:  OFA normal  Tail: Docked
Honors: MPS at the Montana Cow Country Classic '06. Edi is a consistent Merit placer; High Combined '08 ASCA Stockdog Final Specialty.
Progeny: 1 litter (2 pups, both to competitive working homes) - litter is under 1 year of age
Other: Edi is campaigning for the ASCA Finals.

"BITCH" - All bitches must be age two or over.  No bitch may be registered with any Australian Shepherd mini organization.  No offspring from this breeding may be registered with any mini organization or bred to any dog registered with a mini organization.  The penalty for breeching this portion of this Contract is $2,500.00.  All legal means will be used to collect and court expenses will be passed to the owner of the Bitch. Brucellosis test must be in hand before Bitch comes to the stud.  Bitch must be current on vaccinations (or have applicable teeter count from vet) and be in excellent health. Bitch owners must furnish a copy of: registrations, OFA hip and/or PennHip rating, current (not over one year old) eye clearance, 5-generation pedigree, picture and DNA certificate prior to breeding. Stud owner has the right to refuse any bitch.
Registered Name of Bitch: ____________________________________ Call name______________________
Owner:  _____________________________________________     (hereinafter "BITCH OWNER" whether singular or plural, & if-coowned, all owners must sign this Contract)
Address (including zip) ____________________________________________________________________________
Phone:     _____________ email ___________________________________ Other____________________________
ASCA Registration No E_____________ AKC Registration No  DL______________ Foreign Registry _______________________________________
Other Registration:  Registry ___________ #______________
Litters Produced: __  Any problems?_________________________________________________________________
Height: ________  dob: ___________________ Weight:___________ Tail: __________________________
Color & Description: _____________________________________________________________________________
Bite & Dentition:  ________________________________________________________________________________
Eyes:  _______________________________ Cerf Date __________  Other Medical Tests: _______________________________________________
Hip rating:  __________________________________________________  Will you use a buy/sell contract with your puppy buyers:  ____________
Honors:  ______________________________________________________________________________________

This Stud Contract, executed in duplicate, is in full force and effect when signed by all parties hereto.  STUD OWNERS certify that the above general information on the STUD is true and correct.   BITCH OWNER certifies that the above general information on the BITCH is true and correct.

STUD FEE: The stud fee is due and payable in either cash, money order, paypal (add a 5% fee if using Paypal), or cashier's check (make checks payable to "Legends"). The Stud Fee is due at the time of breeding and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

BITCH BOARDING:   A boarding fee of $5.00/day is applicable if the bitch is at Legends for more than 14 days (fee to begin on the 15th day); a boarding fee of $10.00/day is applicable after the 30th day the bitch is at Legends.  Any BITCH OWNER wishing to accompany a BITCH to be bred may stay in the guesthouse for $40.00/night which includes all meals, babysitting while the owner tours Santa Fe, Old Town Albuquerque, ...

GUARANTEES BY LEGENDS: TWO LIVE and healthy breed standard puppies are guaranteed on bitches seven years of age and younger.  ONE LIVE and healthy pup is guaranteed on bitches eight years of age and older.  If no live and healthy breed standard puppy(ies) is(are) produced as beforenamed, then the bitch may be rebred on her next heat cycle ("rebreeding").  If no live and healthy breed standard puppy(ies)  is(are) produced from the rebreeding, the stud fee is forfeited by the BITCH OWNER.  Should no live and healthy breed standard puppy be produced from the first breeding and the BITCH is not rebred on her next heat cycle to the STUD, then BITCH OWNER forfeits the stud fee.  NOTE: If the chosen STUD should die, become ill, too old to reproduce, or severely injured such that it would negate his standing at stud  before the rebreeding, BITCH OWNER may choose from another stud listed above or forfeit the STUD FEE.

BITCH OWNER agrees to call or email  STUD OWNERS the day the puppies are born and report on sex, tail set and color of puppies.  Culled pups due to lack of trim are considered live and healthy pups.  Mismarks are to be placed on a spay/neuter contract, or if lethal whites put down in a humane manner.

The BITCH OWNER certifies that this BITCH is in good health, free from brucellosis, worms, or any sexually transmitted diseases and all shots are up to date.  STUD OWNERS certify that the STUD is in good health and free from brucellosis, worms, or any sexually transmitted diseases and all shots are up to date.  Results of the brucellosis tests for the STUD and BITCH are to be provided in writing signed by a certified veterinarian on or before the first day the STUD and BITCH are "naturally"  bred.  Brucellosis test on the Stud will be current within one year of the mating.   BITCH OWNER agrees to pay for any estrus testing should STUD OWNER feel such testing is warranted due to the fact that the bitch will not stand or more than one bitch is being mated to the STUD.

The  BITCH OWNER agrees: 1) to supply STUD OWNERS with the names and addresses of the puppy buyers at the time of placing the puppies;  2) that no puppies shall be sold in any pet store, retail or wholesale outlet, or research facility and none shall be registered as a North American Australian Shepherd or Miniature Aussie; 3) pups shall be timely wormed and vaccinated prior to going to their new homes; 4) any hip clearance, eye clearances, or health issues on any pups produced from this cross shall be passed on to the STUD OWNER in a timely fashion and such information be made available to any studies on-going in the Australian Shepherd breed as deemed appropriate; 5) titles earned by any pups produced from this cross shall be passed on to the STUD OWNER;  and 6) any guaranties given verbally or in writing to their puppy buyers from this mating are solely the BITCH OWNER’s responsibility.

STUD OWNERS will take every reasonable care to ensure the safety and well being of the BITCH.  The BITCH OWNER holds harmless from any liability STUD OWNERS with regard to the BITCH while the BITCH is under STUD OWNERS’ care.  STUD OWNERS hold harmless the BITCH OWNER from any liability while the BITCH is in STUD OWNERS’ care.

By signature below, all parties named herein, their heirs, or assigns agree to and are bound by the terms as set forth above.  Should legal action be necessary to enforce any terms of this Stud Contract, suit shall be filed in the county and state of  STUD OWNERS’ residence.

 AGREED THIS DATE: _________________________

 Stud Owners:  _________________________
                       Steve D. Shope

                       Anne M. Shope

                        Stephanie Shope-McDaniel, as applicable

     (all sign)  Name: ___________________

                    Name: ___________________